The Internet Round Up - August

The Tree of 40 Fruit

The tree of 40 fruit is by far the most amazing thing I’ve seen in a long time. Artist Sam Van Aken grows individual trees that will grow over 40 types of stone fruit including some heirloom stone fruit that are not available commercially. Don’t believe me? Watch the video. 

What's In Desert Dawg's Pack?

Desert Dawg is my new favourite adventure writer. Dawg gives a uniquely cute and adorable look into the world of adventure with his fresh look on the world. Okay fine, I'm a sucker for cute dogs and a lover of good satire. Check out the Desert Dawg blog if you're looking for a good chuckle.

National Geographic: From the Arcives

Ten interesting photos out of the archives of National Geographic. As a lover of photography and National Geographic, these posts are always interesting for me. Take a look back at a great history of photography and the world.