Dean Thompson, Assistant Photographer

By Adventure Dean

★★★★★ 2 Customer Reviews

Price: CDN$ 100.00 Per Day, Free Shipping to the Canmore/Banff area

In Stock.

  • Programmed and tested by Humber College's Creative Photography program
  • Ready for use in all environments (Indoor, outdoor, underwater)
  • Rugged exterior designed to withstand severe weather conditions
  • Programmed with knowledge of lighting systems Broncolor and Speedotron
  • Programmed with knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Premier Pro, Audacity, ect.)
  • Voice recognition 

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Customer Reviews

★★★★★ Didn't even realize there was a photo shoot in me

By Mother Nature

After seeing the final photos online, I realized that the photo shoot took place in one of my forests. After speaking with Ranger Racoon (was in the area during the shoot) I found out Dean had taken a great deal of respect for me. Making sure all that was taken were photos and all that was left were foot prints. I would allow him back inside me any time.

★★★★★ Not just a photographer

By. James Bond

I may not be a photographer but while being on a undisclosed set for an undisclosed reason, I can say Dean can mix a mean Manhattan. Normally I would ask for it to be shaken, not stirred. But I could tell I was in good hands and let him take creative freedom by stirring my drink. I was not disappointed. I hope more enemies of Queen and country would have him around in their final hour. It would make my job a little better.